Dr. Sara Rasamimari

Dr. Sara Rasamimari

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Tiny Teeth Guardian
Positivity Provider
Minimally Invasive Advocate
Anxious Child Whisperer
Prevention Proponent
Engaging Educator
Soothing Savior
Comforting Caregiver

Why she became a dentist

Dr. Sara's journey into dentistry was sparked by her pediatric dentist, who introduced her to the principles of preventative care and minimally invasive dentistry. This early influence shaped her approach to dentistry, which aims to instill lifelong positive oral health habits in the next generation. Dr. Sara focuses on care that prevents fear and trauma, making dental visits reassuring and empowering experiences. She is their 'tiny teeth guardian' for her young patients, a title reflecting her commitment to different types of dental care.

What advances and new sciences she is excited about these days

Dr. Sara is excited about the emerging new sciences and treatment approaches that are minimally invasive. A recent example of a preventative approach that Dr. Sara employed involved treating a toddler with interdental cavities - cavities between their teeth - without resorting to traditional, more invasive methods. Instead of sedation, drilling, and filling, Dr. Sara applied a topical medication to slow the decay progression, followed by spacer placement to create space for a protective crown. Finally, she fitted a crown over the affected teeth, which cut off oxygen to the bacteria, effectively halting its growth. This treatment not only addressed the immediate issue but did so in a way that minimized discomfort and anxiety for the young patient, showcasing Dr. Sara's commitment to effective and trauma-free dental care solutions.

In addition to advancing minimally invasive approaches, she is committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations in dentistry. She is motivated to enhance the treatments and experiences for her patients.

Dr. Sara's tips on a current trend in Dentistry

Suppose you prefer to use electric U-shaped toothbrushes. In that case, Dr. Sara recommends that you consult your dental professional to ensure they are suitable for the shape and arch of your mouth for effective cleaning and oral health. Given each individual's mouth's unique shape and arch, ensuring that a U-shaped toothbrush is appropriate for your oral health needs is crucial.

Professional Qualifications

Dr. Sara is a board-certified pediatric dentist with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and minors in Psychology and Chemistry from Indiana University. She furthered her education by earning her DMD from Midwestern University. Her residency at NYU provided her with extensive experience in pediatric dental care across diverse environments, including international work. Dr. Sara's expertise is widely recognized, as evidenced by her research in minimally invasive dentistry published by the Journal of American Dental Association, a testament to her commitment to staying at the forefront of her field.