Our story is one of diversity, grit, and shared values.

Arman and Nihal
Arman, a technologist with a background in mathematics, and Nihal, a dedicated dental student, first crossed paths as teenagers. Their unlikeliest friendship strengthened as their lives unfolded—from attending each other's weddings to navigating their careers. Now, in their third decade as friends, their journey to becoming business partners at Ritual Dental seems inevitable.

Arman’s story

Arman, a mathematician turned serial tech entrepreneur in health tech, brought his relentless drive to unravel the complexities of healthcare delivery. His forays into digital humans and futuristic products at Meta left him yearning for a more immediate, tangible impact—especially one that directly touched the lives of his loved ones.

This desire for tangible impact became personal when his daughter suffered a dental injury, and he faced dental care challenges. These experiences highlighted the opaqueness and inefficiencies within dental care, kindling his curiosity: Why was it so challenging to access transparent, top-quality dental care? Where are the quality metrics, and why doesn't anyone explain the science to him?

Nihal’s story

Nihal, a seasoned prosthodontist with over two decades of dentistry experience operating three successful practices, was at a crossroads. She sought to expand her reach beyond the confines of her existing practices while maintaining the high standard of care she was known for. Inspired by the influential women in her family, Nihal was driven to innovate and elevate the dental care experience for her patients and anyone needing dental services.

Ritual Dental

At first glance, the partnership between Arman and Nihal—a tech visionary and a dental care expert—seems unlikely, but in hindsight, it was a perfect match. Arman's drive to solve healthcare's "messy problems" through technology and innovation complemented Nihal's deep dental expertise and commitment to quality care. Together, they saw the need to redefine dental wellness and set new standards of care in dentistry.

Ritual Dental was founded to make dental healthcare more accessible and integrated with overall well-being. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology and science with a comprehensive health perspective for prevention and early detection to boost patients' quality of life.
Quote markGood oral health can bolster every person's lifespan and quality of life.

Our Mission

We aim to empower every person of every age to transform their Whole Health and extend their lifespan. Question traditions of dentistry to always offer the latest and the best dental practices. Be grounded in science and powered by modern technology, capable hands, and determined minds.
Quote markThe best dental care should be simple, empowering, and accessible to everyone.